Avansic Hires Lawyer and E-Discovery Expert Tom O'Connor as Director of Professional Services
01-19-2012, Avansic - Corporate
Avansic E-Discovery & Digital Forensics, a Tulsa-based high tech company, has recently hired lawyer and eDiscovery expert Tom O'Connor to join its expert e-discovery team as Director of Professional Services. He will be the primary consultant for complex cases, providing professional services supporting data identification & preservation with an emphasis on litigation hold obligations and preparation for FRCP Rule 26(f) meet and confer sessions. Tom will also be instrumental in developing strategies for corporate clients in all markets to help them be more proactive in controlling their e-discovery costs.

Based in New Orleans, Tom is a nationally recognized consultant, speaker, and writer in the area of computerized litigation support systems. He is best known for his work in e-discovery, which includes assisting firms and corporate counsel in matters of retention policies, litigation holds, and document exchange protocols. He has worked on a number of high-profile cases including asbestos litigation, the Keating case, California class actions against crematoriums, tobacco litigation on behalf of the Attorney General of Texas, and various phases of the Enron and BP oil spill litigations. A non-practicing attorney, Tom will continue to be based in New Orleans and will support Avansic's sales and marketing efforts nationwide.

According to Avansic's President and CEO, Dr. Gavin W. Manes, “We are very pleased to welcome Tom O'Connor's expertise to Avansic. It is very important to our customers to have the best people working on their e-discovery projects. Having Tom here allows us to offer even better service. His in-depth knowledge and legal background will be invaluable to Avansic's customers.”

About Avansic
Avansic is one of the country's leading e-discovery and digital forensics providers, servicing the legal and business communities through investigations, electronic discovery, data preservation, expert witness testimony and litigation support. The company was founded in 2004 by computer science professor Dr. Gavin W. Manes to meet the growing need for expertise in the e-discovery and digital forensics fields. Avansic has created a reputation as a trustworthy, reliable and ethical specialist for e-discovery and forensics services for attorneys and corporations nationwide.