ABA - Seventh Annual National Institute on E-Discovery - April 5, 2013
03-27-2013, Avansic - Corporate
Nationally-acclaimed e-discovery professionals and judges will convene for a full day to analyze and discuss the latest developments and best strategies for managing the e-discovery process.

Attendees of this program will learn:
  • Comprehensive and practical “issue-spotting”
  • About the continuing rules amendment process directly from members of the federal judiciary, as well as leading-edge issues emerging in their courts
  • How to choose, search, and review technology that fits your case
  • Tips for cost-effective and defensible project management for both requesting parties and producing parties
  • The latest information on e-discovery of “personal data sources” including social media and personal devices
  • How to navigate “discovery about discovery,” including important privilege considerations

Specific Panels Include:

A Dual-Use Dilemma: Discovery of Personal Data Sources
Many companies have, with the blessing of IT, moved away a traditional IT-supported computer environment to a more user-friendly “bring your own device” approach. However, the policies offer unique challenges to employers as well as a myriad of legal issues related to not only possession and control of the devices in litigation, but the dichotomy between corporate security and the employee's personal privacy as the company's trade secret information sits alongside the employee's social media postings, tweets and text messages. This session will discuss the cutting-edge issues surrounding dual-use device policies and how best to support consumer technology while ensuring adequate controls on sensitive corporate data.
  • Margaret A. Dale - Partner - Proskauer Rose LLP - New York, NY
  • Hon. Paul W. Grimm - U.S. District Judge U.S. - District Court for the District of Maryland - Baltimore, MD
  • Dr. Gavin W. Manes - President and CEO - Avansic - Tulsa, OK
  • Anthony S. Lowe - Associate General Counsel - Freddie Mac - McLean, VA

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