Our transparency in processing, superior work and fair pricing gives you a competitive advantage with your clients. It is our goal to deliver the most useful data set for your project.

We stand apart from the competition for our stellar customer service, fair and simple pricing, and science-driven approach to e-discovery.

We perform hundreds of forensics collections on computers, servers, and mobile devices across the country.

We deliver a useful data set, develop a predictive coding and advanced analytics workflow, and help you control project costs.

We are a full service litigation support provider, offering document scanning services and project-wide management. We can provide high volume, high speed, and on-site scanning.

Our computer science-oriented investigators help interpret complex computer system information.

We offer iCONECT, a user-friendly, scalable, and feature-rich online document review and analytics tool.

We provide all the benefits of outsourcing with the control of insourcing, allowing you to process your own data and manage your own review.

We employ nationally recognized thought leaders, computer scientists, authors, and expert witnesses

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