E-Discovery for Attorneys

Almost all of Avansicís clients are attorneys and our Project Managers are very accustomed to handling a variety of cases; anything from a single computer investigation to multi-state complex litigation.

Avansic can help guide attorneys through the e-discovery process, providing recommendations along the way. Alternatively, Avansic can work closely with litigation support or other front-line staff to work through specific processing and loadfile requirements. Avansicís Project Managers are always available to watch the progression of your project and are there to help clients work most efficiently and effectively on their e-discovery project.

Avansicís Advantages

Controlling Costs - Avansic provides our clients aggressive pricing and frequently provides fixed bids that beat or match our competitors. Generally our clients never pay more than $250 per GB for e-discovery processing natively loaded to review including advanced analytics and concept clustering. Our customers do not pay monthly GB hosting fees for document review.

Project Managers - Our clients have a knowledgeable Project Manager for the duration of their case. Other members of the Project Management team are available at any time for additional assistance or specialized expertise. Avansic always has Project Management and technical staff at the ready and can be reached 24/7.

Review Efficiencies - Our review tool is accessible from the Internet and requires no additional IT infrastructure or long-term contracts. Our online review tool Xera by iConect allows satellite offices, co-counsel, experts and clients to come together from anywhere to review discovery documents using virtually any device and any browser. Avansicís advanced analytics and concept clustering tool Brainspace greatly enhances our clientsí review batching and document location.

Laboratory Capacity - Avansicís processing power is very substantial and our team of technical experts greatly enhances that capacity through custom middleware and highly efficient procedures. Our laboratory scales with your project and Avansic has processed 1TB of data for searching and filtering in one day.

Security and Privacy - Avansic hosts XERA and Brainspace, in house using equipment we own, ensuring that your data and the administration of your databases stay within our offices in order to maintain the highest levels of privacy and security. Avansic can meet requirements to handle specific regulations or protective orders. For example we encrypt all data that is reported to contain electronic Personal Health Information (ePHI) in compliance with HIPPA Business Associate Agreements (BAAs). We do not use IT contractors, colocation facilities, third party hosting services, the cloud, or leased equipment.

Conflict Resolution - Avansic checks for and resolves any conflict of interest before accepting any work; we will not work both of sides of related cases unless both parties agree.

Standards and Procedures - Avansic maintains comprehensive standards and procedures for all processes and quality control. For example, we ensure that all information is handled as evidence and stored on physically separate media in our secure facility and we use native applications to create TIFF images of documents where appropriate.

Licensed Insured Professionals - Our specialists hold licenses and insurance for e-discovery, collections and digital forensics across the country.

Research and Development - Avansic has strong research and development teams that are available to work on complex problems and technology. In the past we have developed solutions to convert legacy data (Groupwise, Lotus Notes, etc.) or even complex data (Sharepoint, application databases, etc.) to usable reviewable producable documents.

Litigation Hold

Litigation holds are a combination of technology, people and process; Avansic can help with all three. The basic requirements of litigation holds have been painted in broad strokes by the court, but the specifics of implementation remain in the hands of counsel (inside and outside), IT departments, corporate management, consultants, and sometimes e-discovery vendors. But electronically created documents may come from structured sources (file or email servers), individual devices (laptops or mobile devices such as iPhones), or even social media cloud sources, all of which increase the difficulty of crafting and implementing a good litigation hold.

Modern litigation holds are much more complex than purchaing software or sending boilerplate emails to custodians. Since electronic data is volatile, Avansic can help avoid preservation issues by addressing the e-discovery aspect of a companyís information technology.

Avansic can assist with establishing a robust litigation hold procedure that includes initial implementation, monitoring, changes, document processing and production, and hold cancellation. Avansic can also work with counsel and their clients to evaluate current litigation hold and preservation procedures; this includes consideration of backup systems and active data sources.

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