E-Discovery for Attorneys

Avansic can help guide attorneys through the e-discovery process, providing recommendations along the way. Alternatively, Avansic can work closely with litigation support or other front-line staff to work through specific processing and loadfile requirements. Avansicís Project Managers are always available to watch the progression of your project and are there to help clients work most efficiently and effectively on their e-discovery project.

Managed Services

Avansic understands you may want to exert more control over your e-discovery project, and weíve developed managed services to fit that need. We provide your own e-discovery environment for processing, review, and production, for a fixed cost. We can host your data on a dedicated server in our secure facility, or we can set up this software at your facility using your hardware. For more information, please see the Avansic Managed Services page.

Avansicís Advantages

Controlling Costs - Avansic does not charge GB fees. Our pricing is aggressive and we frequently provide fixed bids. We are based in the affordable Midwest and pass along our operational savings to customers.

Project Managers- They are proactive, professional, sensitive to deadlines, and help meet your standards and ours.

Security and Privacy- Your data is hosted in-house using our equipment ensuring that data and database administration are always in our control.

Nationwide Service and Support- Customers can use our Secure File Transfer or overnight delivery to easily send data from anywhere.

Research and Development- We are true computer scientists and maintain strong research and development teams to work on complex e-discovery problems. We use best in breed tools for your project.

Litigation Hold

Litigation holds are a combination of technology, people and process; Avansic can help with all three. The basic requirements of litigation holds have been painted in broad strokes by the court, but the specifics of implementation remain in the hands of counsel (inside and outside), IT departments, corporate management, consultants, and sometimes e-discovery vendors. But electronically created documents may come from structured sources (file or email servers), individual devices (laptops or mobile devices such as iPhones), or even social media cloud sources, all of which increase the difficulty of crafting and implementing a good litigation hold.

Modern litigation holds are much more complex than purchaing software or sending boilerplate emails to custodians. Since electronic data is volatile, Avansic can help avoid preservation issues by addressing the e-discovery aspect of a companyís information technology.

Avansic can assist with establishing a robust litigation hold procedure that includes initial implementation, monitoring, changes, document processing and production, and hold cancellation. Avansic can also work with counsel and their clients to evaluate current litigation hold and preservation procedures; this includes consideration of backup systems and active data sources.

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