Managed Services

Avansic understands that you may want to exert more control over your e-discovery project and has a managed services solution to fit that need. We provide your own XERA or XERA + Processing environment for a fixed monthly cost. XERA and Xera + Processing contain all the functionality necessary to execute a successful e-discovery project. Avansic has battle-tested these systems for years and they offer the best features for our managed services clients to reach their e-discovery goals.

Avansic offers you the choice of either XERA (document review) or XERA + Processing (document review and e-discovery processing). We can host your data on a dedicated server in our secure facility, or we can set up this software at your facility using your hardware.

Managed Services Benefits
  • Fixed cost
  • No hardware or software to buy
  • Housed at Avansic's secure facility
  • 24/7 access to your own XERA system
  • Load, review and produce your own data
  • Includes advanced analytics by CAAT: near-dupe, concept search, clustering, and email threading
  • Users can access any database on the system, add additional users on a monthly basis
  • Training and support
  • Up to 4 TB of storage with option to increase
  • Predictive review
XERA (Online Review)

XERA is a comprehensive litigation review and production solution that has an efficient and intuitive review workflow. It is user-friendly and offers powerful collaborative and project management features. Benefits include:

  • Scalability Ė no change in database speed regardless of case size
  • Dashboard with customizable tiles for your workflow
  • Accessible with a variety of browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome)
  • Easy to navigate
  • Sophisticated user tracking, batching, coding rules, and advanced reports

For more information about Xera please visit our Online Review page.

XERA (Online Review) + Processing

All of the features of XERA, as well as:

  • Empowers you to filter and cull non-responsive documents before review
  • Process native files for review and perform early case/data assessment
  • Supports hundreds of file types
  • Designed to process at least 25 GB of native files per 24 hours
  • Perform quality control on document text and metadata
  • Statistical and graphical reporting
  • Easily push documents from processing to review

This option provides all the features of outsourcing with all the control of insourcing. You can shift your entire IT burden - Avansic handles all the hardware and software concerns.