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Avansic Case Study - Insurance Claim


An insurance company was investigating a claim of property damage by a flood due to a broken pipe at the residence. There were irregularities in the descriptions of the event between the husband and wife.

Avansic's Role

Avansic was hired to examine the cell phones of the husband and wife, as well as the call detail records. We were to determine the general location of each party during the day of the flood, and particularly during the time of the broken pipe. The insurance company wanted to know if they were located where they said they were during that day. Using both their cell phone and the call records from the telephone provider, we determine that the phones were not in the same locations they reported. Indeed, the husband and wife were not together at all during the day and in the hours leading up to the pipe break. During the incident itself, one phone was at the house and the other was at the residence of a nearby relative.


The insurance company went on to dispute the claim made by the husband and wife based on Avansic’s location analysis of the cell phones.


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