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Civil Litigation with Large Email Sets


Copy of Avansic Case Study - civil litigation


An oil and gas company brought suit against a drilling company for not fulfilling a contract. Avansic worked for the plaintiffs who wanted to perform a privilege review in order to produce documents to the defendants.

Complicating Factors

The data set including a large amount of email – approximately 200GB of compressed PST files (350GB uncompressed). This represented the relevant custodians as selected by the Plaintiffs. An additional two computer images were added to the data set halfway through review.


Avansic de-duplicated the email set and, working with the client, filtered based on keywords. The resulting data set was only 50GB which was then uploaded to XERA, for online review. The litigation team then worked to review the email for privilege. When the additional computer images were obtained (totaling 100 GB), Avansic processed the data by de-NISTing and pre-filtering: de-NISTing removes known irrelevant file types and pre-filtering removes graphics, multimedia files and executables. Both these services are performed at no cost to Avansic’s customers. De-NISTing removed 15 GB of data and Avansic’s pre-filtering removed 70GB of data, leaving 15 GB to be reviewed.


Avansic not only processed a large data set in a short period of time but effectively reduced that data set through several eDiscovery filtering techniques. This resulted in the litigation team dramatically reducing their review time. Avansic was also able to integrate additional data halfway through the review with little interruption.


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