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Avansic's flexible eDiscovery services enabled us to manage costs, stay within budget, and efficiently conduct a timely review of hundreds of thousands of documents. Our Project Manager was invaluable maintaining coordination with outside counsel and the eDiscovery team to keep things running smoothly.
Tyson Schwerdtfeger - Alliance Resource Partners-1
Tyson Schwerdtfeger
Alliance Resource Partners
Avansic delivered factual reports with a quick turnaround to help my clients with the authentication of PDF documents. That facilitated decisions that were very beneficial to the case's outcome. In particular, their ability to explain complex technical issues in layman's terms was crucial and unique.
Alberto Castañer
Alberto Castañer
Castañer & Cía P.S.C. - San Juan
From creating an affordable and flexible data collection plan to assistance detecting manipulation and spoliation of evidence, Avansic's digital forensics and eDiscovery services have provided comprehensive help to us in a diverse set of cases.
Mike Lane - Riess LeMieux
Mike Lane
Riess LeMieux
Avansic’s quick response and turnaround when collecting mobile devices enables us to address issues swiftly. In addition, their ability to deal with complex personnel and technical issues in real-time has helped compel the cooperation of digital device owners.
Allyson K Howie - Entergy Services
Allyson K Howie
Entergy Services
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