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E-Discovery From a Forensics Investigator's Perspective
09-21-2010 - Mr. Jason Riseling
High Tech Crime Investigators Association
Mr. Riseling will be presenting a 50-minute talk on "E-Discovery from a Forensics Investigator's Perspective". This presentation will include a general process flow that relates common forensics language to the e-discovery world. The speaker will give two case studies, one large and one small, that required using both forensics and e-discovery expertise. He will discuss problems that arise both in the laboratory with technology, as well as customer communications and expectations. Discussion will include the delivery of data to the customer, and the various formats for load files and document review.

Each year during the month of September the HTCIA holds its International Training Conference & Expo. This year's conference will take place at Atlanta's Hyatt Regency Hotel.

The conference is intended to attract participants from all over the world to take advantage of the training and networking opportunities that is offered. The members of the Conference Organizing Committees strongly urge you to attend the conference and partake in the many diverse learning opportunities and wide range of expertise that is offered by the speakers, attendees and exhibitors that attend the Conference.