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E-Discovery and Digital Forensics: An Overview, ESI: Focus on Ethics, and Social Media
09-21-2011 - Dr. Gavin W. Manes

Dr. Manes will be presenting three hours of CLE for Houston Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators on September 21st, 2011. This talk will take place at the Four Seasons as a part of the Morning Educational Session and Chapter Luncheon.

Dr. Manes will begin at 9 am with "E-Discovery and Digital Forensics: An Overview." This presentation provides an overview of the uses of digital forensics and electronic discovery in the modern legal landscape. It includes sections on the digital forensics and electronic discovery process, from collection and filtering through investigation and storage, as well as some of the complexities involved in preservation and production of digital information. Dr. Manes will cover the current case law and Civil Procedure statutes regarding electronic data.

The second talk "ESI: Focus on Ethics" will begin at 10 am. The ethics of handling electronically stored information during the process of digital forensics and electronic discovery will be discussed in this presentation. The effect of issues such as licensing, privileged information, and the discovery of pornography will be outlined in the context of digital forensics investigations and standard electronic discovery procedures. The presentation will conclude with a discussion of Rule 37 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and other recent ethical considerations.

The next talk, "Social Media in the 21st Century" will provide members with several practical tips and suggestions for protecting your digital information in the age of social media. This talk begins at 1 pm.

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