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Webinar: What is Reasonably Accessible?
05-20-2015 - Amy Sellers (Williams), Lance Watson (Avansic), Dr. Gavin W. Manes (Avansic)
Avansic Webinar
Avansic will host a webinar on the topic of our most recent whitepaper "What is Reasonably Accessible?" This is a frequent discussion during e-discovery for both attorneys and their clients.

The presenters will cover the FRCP related to reasonably accessible, technology and data age issues, and data recovery problems. They will alos discuss practical tips for investigating data sources.

Presenters include Amy Sellers (Attorney at The Williams Companies), Lance Watson (CIO at Avansic) and Dr. Gavin W. Manes (CEO at Avansic). This webinar is free, please RSVP to