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Advanced Microsoft Windows Forensics; Analytics and E-Discovery; Collections of Electronic Devices, Social Media and the Cloud; Litigation Holds - What IT Departments Need to Know
08-05-2016 - Joel Sallee, Jessica Hollis, George Patterson, Lance Watson
Tulsa Tech Fest 2016
Avansic's experts will be speaking all day at Tulsa Tech Fest's ISSA-Forensics track.

At 8:45 am, Avansic's Lead Forensics Investigator and Assistant Laboratory Manager, Joel Sallee, will be giving an hourlong talk at 8:45 am on Advanced Windows Forensics. In this hour, he will discuss a number of forensics techniques specific to Windows operating systems. This will include a brief case study with a detailed description (including screenshots) of USB drive analysis, LNK file analysis, and ShellBags analysis.

At 10:45 am, Jessica Hollis, Avansic's Lab Specialist, will speak for an hour on Analytics and E-Discovery. Analytics is a powerful process that can be used to decrease data volume during processing and time during review. This presentation covers the variety of analytics options available in processing and review tools. The presenter will also discuss recommended workflows using concept clustering, email threading, near-duplication, early case assessment, review status monitoring, data visualization, and quality control.

At 1:00 pm, George Patterson in Avansic's R&D division, will discuss Collections of Electronic Devices, Social Media and the Cloud. Collection is a critical first step in any e-discovery or forensics project, and collecting from physical devices can be very different the remote or virtual collections necessitated by cloud or social media data. The presenter will discuss Chain of Custody, identification of target data, accuracy of collection, verification of what has been collected, forensics soundness, data integrity, and testimony about the collection for traditional, cloud and social media data. Mr. Patterson will be doing a demonstration.

At 2:45 PM, Lance Watson, Avansic's CIO, will be discussing Litigation Holds - What IT Departments Need to Know. The basic requirements of litigation holds have been painted in broad strokes, but the specifics of implementation remain in the hands of counsel (inside and outside), IT departments, corporate management, consultants, and sometimes e-discovery vendors. The presenter will discuss practical steps, pitfalls, key components of litigation holds, as well as how not to implement a litigation hold.