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Tech Trends: Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and Ephemeral Messaging; Modern Issues Facing in-House Counsel; Using E-Discovery Tools Outside of E-Discovery; Jeopardy - Exploring Ethics in Technology
11-20-2019 - Dr. Gavin W. Manes, Karissa Cottom, Tyson Schwerdtfeger, Adam Grandon, Clay Chamberlain, Ian Campbell, Kim Roy.
Avansic's End of Year CLE - Tulsa
Avansic's annual End-of-Year CLE will be earlier this year.

The Tulsa event will be on Wednesday, November 20th at the First Place Tower (15 E Fifth St.) on the 41st Floor. It begins at 8:30 AM and end at 12:30; we will provide four hours of CLE credit, including one hour of ethics.

We have four topics for this year, and we're not just talking about e-discovery. In the first hour, "Tech Trends: Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and Ephemeral Messaging", Dr. Manes will discuss several emerging technology trends that effect both the business and the practice of law. He will give a basic overview of cryptocurrency and blockchain, explaining these two concepts in an easy-to-understand method. He will also describe how these two technologies are used in a broader sense as well as how they apply to the legal field. He will also discuss the use of ephemeral messaging in modern business and how to handle it from an e-discovery perspective as well as the legal implications for clients.

The second hour will feature an experienced panel of presenters discussing "Modern Issues Facing in-House Counsel." Panelists in Tulsa will include Karissa Cottom, Managing Attorney-Litigation of Williams Companies, Tyson Schwerdtfeger, Assistant General Counsel of Alliance Resource Partners, Adam Grandon, Associate General Counsel of Targa Resources, and Clay Chamberlain, General Counsel of Corterra Energy. They will cover effective ways to manage outside counsel and budgets, how outside counsel manages their vendors, and how they evaluate security practices. They will also discuss technology issues such as innovations they are seeking and communication with outside counsel.

The third hour will be "Using E-Discovery Tools Outside of E-Discovery." Dr. Gavin W. Manes and Ian Campbell, President and CEO of iCONECT, will explore the ways e-discovery tools can be utilized outside traditional document review and production. Dr. Manes and Mr. Campbell will discuss how some of the advanced analytics features, such as find similar and document compare, can be used for legal projects outside the typical scope of e-discovery.

The final hour will be "Jeopardy - Exploring Ethics in Technology." In this Jeopardy-style panel presentation, Dr. Manes, Clay Chamberlain, General Counsel of Corterra Energy, and Kim Roy, Senior Counsel-Litigation of Williams Companies, will ask and answer questions related to technology and ethics. They will discuss data breach protocol, technology that can be used to communicate confidential information, social media use by legal professionals, metadata, and ABA Model Rules related to technology.

If you'd like to RSVP for this event, please email with your name, OBA number (if applicable), and whether you're attending Tulsa or Oklahoma City.